How To Identify Your Vocation And Land Your Ideal First Job

DREAM CAREER | taught by Bola Benson
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Bola Benson
Bola Benson
Education and Career Adviser - Founder / Managing Director Global Impact Training

About the Instructor

Bola Benson background is working with private and public sector organisations, as well as voluntary agencies. She is regularly commissioned by individuals and organisations to identify their training needs for achievement and success.

Bola is passionate about education. She was once a Book Keeper and Accountant, but she found passion in helping people to choose the right career path, education and business. She decided to transition into Education.

Bola Benson gives relevant, significance information and coaching advice on how to be fulfilled in life.

She has worked with hundreds of student for over 13 years and now building online course.

She was recognised in 2016 for Inspiration and Human Development awards in London, United Kingdom.

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You have empowered me Bola Benson, glad I came across your programme. I will recommend this to my colleques. Haby

You are a role model, with what you taught me, I can do more with my skills. Jacqui.

Bola has helped me to become a person today. Pauline

I am implementing all she advised, believing it will work for me too. Michael

I have secured my dream job through your programme. Thank you. Kenny

I was struggling to get into the right career and the best way to equipped myself, now I feel more confident with what you taught me Bola, yes I can. Andrew

Now I see new prospects in front of me that will take me to the next level through your workshop. Francess

I understand more about my passion and how to make better use of it. She was very helpful. Grace

Some people don’t succeed because of lack of knowledge, it is important to gain the right skills, if you want to achieve.

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You can never go wrong if you have an action plane for your next step and future. This online course can show it can be achieved.

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